Finding A Voice


Finding a Voice 18 is a follow on from FAV17, It is an art exhibition that dialogues The Good, Bad & Ugly or parenting and mental health, with myself and Jan Goldsworthy, leaning into difficult conversations and subjects authentically. I want to make this year’s exhibition focus more on the celebration of the hard work families engage in when they hit crisis point and are met with robust therapeutic support, in the same way my family did with The Compass Outreach Team. We will be offering a spectrum of workshops, creative and therapeutic for families. Opening the space to the regions Art therapisits to use to explore themes raised by the work. Plus reflective & exploritive sessions NFST service staff.  Dates to be confirmed.

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With the right paint, just a little can go a long way. We are looking for funding for different asspects of this exhibition.

Sometimes families need a bit of support, they engage in a therapeutic process & work really hard. My family has done this kind of work and continue to engage with it. I have a Fine Art background, so when my family was no longer in crisis I celebrated our conclusions with services by putting on an exhibition. I want to share this type of celebration with other families like mine. I want to give those families the same feelings of pride and accomplishment that I got from not only no longer being in crisis. Giving the work  done the platform it deserves to be appreciated. This project has the capacity to engage with the wider community, as an audience and by providing educational and therapeutic workshops.

The funds raised by the GoFund Me will be used for  professional framing and labeling the various work supplied by Art therapists, by the families they have or about to conclude their journey with.   Bringing the work into an art gallery giving the art and the hard work done with it a spot light.  I want to honour this elevation and value the journey  by curating it in a sensitive, professional and  coherent way. Respecting the journey made and celebrating triumph. This cannot be achieved with clip frames and sticky tack.

Can you be a Patron? I’m a SEN mum & maker, I  make work that engages with a broader audience, Families and parents, not just families or parents in crisis, not just creatives, but the servises we encounter and the gaps we fall through. Im asking for very small monthly donations to be able to continue this work, have a look, here.

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