Visible & Valid

International Trans Visibility Day -31st March

Perhaps it was in my radar subconsciously.

Yesterday I asked the cool guy I know what his favourite colour and dinosaurs were.

The colour purple came up,the classic Steggy but also the lesser known, Quetzalcoatlus a massive pterosaur, one of the largest-known flying animals of all time. It was 10-11meters, like an flying giraffe.

So obvs I went with that one. Duh.

I’m still getting to grips with some new tech drawing hard and soft ware. So I made myself the challenge to make a mermasaurs, in one day. I got thinking about this awesome guy, over the last few years his smile has gotten a little more magical and I’m super proud of him. So I just asked about colour and Dino, later in the day I got to send this over 💜


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