To any one doing craft fair /stall holders circuits, you’re a mega star🌟
One of the most difficult things to do is put yourself out there,to continue being in a space of creative vulnerability. There’s so many hurdles of possible rejection to leap over, from apply for your pitch, getting on with other stall holders around you, getting your set-up how you want it, and transited. Then being present with your work while the general public pass you by. Saying hello to total strangers, some that don’t even hear/or want to (that’s ok BTW) It’s difficult not to feel judged as you watch eyes drift over your work then dismiss it.

It’s so easy to feel glum about it. A friend told me today that I walk down the highstreet and don’t go in every shop and buy something. People don’t do that at craft fairs either!

In many ways I’m lucky, because a lot of my work makes people smile, even if they don’t buy anything, it’s quite rewarding.
I get to sit there for a day and watch the reactions, small kids eyes light up at dinosaurs, 10 year olds doing a double take at BOOBS, older ladies doing a nod, grumpy old men tutting, little gasps of joy from some one who needed to see thier kind of body refleced back at them.
It’s an absolute joy.
I sold a grand total of 2packs of post cards an a print in Sunday.
But I laughed and enjoyed the company of other makers, and enjoyed the crowd.





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