Water colour Month

wishy washy but not in a bad way.

Water colour paint comes in tubes or little blocks, the blocks are my favourite because that’s were I started, with an old dried up box that belonged to a great grandmother, I have undated it for my studio but I also use a compact one, you could get here

I’m experimental, only sometimes frugal and defiantly stuck in my old ways, it took me a long time to move away from just colouring in between the lines i made.

Using a solution i can make the paper wetter for longer, using different types of rag and tissue to remove areas of paint.

I have also gained a lot of patience in my ageing. I can noe wait till one layer or colour is dry before trying to add more then getting frustrated when it goes wrong.

I may have been 7 when I last tried to water colour a landscape, It just doesn’t hold any interest for me. There is still a part of me that loaths the the though of some one saying “it’s ONLY watercolours”, like its a dainty, dated, feminin, less than hobbie. When in fact it’s a badass way to make the uncomfortable more approachable. I’d rather use it to make gritty haunting figures or fun lively mermasaurs and the occasional cute animal.


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