Norwich Summer Market’s

First Season of the Norwich Summer market circuit.


Norfolk Roller Derby My home team, helped me get my toes wet with confidence last month. I am however totally pooping my pants and have to make sure use the iZettle, even when its cash because maths under pressure is literally a living nightmare! I have been known to weep over multiplications. I feel like I cheater because so many other stressers just weren’t there, I was with people I love in a venue I knew well. These next two are going to be a fun challenge. First up is the The Vintage & Creators Market on the 9th June at the Catholic Cathedral then on the 16th June, in the cloisters of St Andrews is Norwich Creative Market These are two historically rich venues. So much work goes into putting these markets on, not just by the vendors but the teams that make them happen, each has their own approach and way of doing running a ship shape event, but it’s not some thing I could do, much respect for dealing with a big bunch of creative Egos!

If you’re not Norwich bound this June and you wanna get a look at what ForeverTooFar has to offer have a look (The 74 Was my roller derby Number)



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