DON’T STOP until you’re PROUD

It’s OK to feel PROUD

If I keep telling myself it is then I will get there. Blurgh, I’m on a long road, to feel good, when those who love me tell me they are proud of me. Right now I’m mumming and creating TO THE MAX because it’s the summer holidays. It’s been the best one we’ve had in 4 years, less stress and tears. I have made some big changes for the better.


Keep going

Having made good changes more good things keep happening. Which is great because now I truly believe myself when I tell my son good actions, words and choices will end up with good outcomes and positive consequences. Simple huh!

Don’t stop

Don’t just rush to the next big thing, take time to notice how far you have come and how this is going to make the difficult or distant more achievable. Take note and feel it, proud of what you have done. GO, Keep going!  


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