Rough with the Smooth.

I’m exhausted and terrified. It’s been a rough week. Next week I’m putting on a show that’s rife with risk. It has the potential to alienate my practise from a large majority of my local peers and lable me the angry vagina artist. It’s bound to happen, I’ll take that risk in order to change some dialogue, to have some gritty conversations about parenting and mental health, what is missing from our communities and services. The exhibition aims to contain a balance that isn’t often seen in an exhibition setting of the nature. Gritty paintings and pretty illustrations, family friendly response space where paints and wet wipes are provided.

As I plan what the space will look like, what will be happening in it, I see the parallels and mirrors that run through my studio practise.  Joy and pain, fear and excitement. Past and present. Things that scream and things that remain unvoiced.A space where the good, the bad and the ugly intersect. Which stand as a good example of what being a parent is. Taking the rough with the smooth, being the strongest and most vulnerable at the same time.

More details @  #findingavoice17



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