Halloween, a difficult time of year.

Halloween was typically British shitty growing up, then my glorious siblings and I would get amongst it when the youngest was old enough to get it. No trick or treating but gore  make up, costumes, food, films, loads’O’sweets and decorating the out side of the modest council semi in spooks and pumpkins. Entertaining the local kids when SOMEONE jumped out at them was always fun to watch. Except I walked away from it. Now like Christmas I make new traditions with Dinoboy. Last year was fun with friends and every year onward are going to get better and better! I’m no longer a zombie.

Seriously,every thing is better. Having some amazing projects on the go, great people in our village and Dinoboy’s full time school placement looking closer than ever, shit is happening and it’s scary as hell but it’s GOOD. Illustration projects coming in and getting done, a big life changing project in the works.Yikes.

Luck favours the brave? I must have been one brave Mother Hubbard.







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