All or Nothing

Moving forward and doing the thing.

If a Job is 10 tasks, it is easy to try doing all 10 at once, failing and saying it didn’t work. Its easy having broken them into 10 and still only feeling the daunting dread of the one job. It’s too hard. Horse poop! It isn’t all or nothing, if it’s nothing what’s the point in any thing, hiding in failure is pointless. I’m trying to look at fails as almost wins, an enjoyable risk.

Attempting several things at once, how else is some one meant to learn how much they are capable of? I might totally fall on my face, more than once, but not in the same way. Each fall means I’ve learnt some thing.

Working out what you really want, what gives you as much back as you put in is hella hard. What is the point in giving it all if you don’t get any thing back? What is the point in working hard at something unfulfilling?  Time is a commodity and we have a limited amount. Do the thing. Fall on your face. Learn.

A Space that doesn’t exist, my blog lasted longer than my marriage, in fact there are things in your fridge that lasted longer than my marriage. I fell on my face, hard, I learnt some vital and brutal stuff. I’m glad I fell. Now I’m getting it all done. This week I Started a comic based workshop with  The Benjamin Foundation and ran a Art work shop for Day of the Girl, Norwich it was a chilled and fun, we made various variations of animals inspired by Mermasaurs.

Laundry Day got me like 2016



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