In My Own Time

Getting shit done, in my own time, at my own pace. Having recently discovered the power of confidence and pride, to be able to believe these little flutters, it’s not always an anxious trout somersaulting in my chest. Believing the people around me when they talk about their interest in what I am doing, learning to trust it. Though it’s not what comes naturally….yet. With this heady mixture of confidence and trust I can get shit done! I can step out of my comfort zone and fail, and that’s OK. If I don’t have a super productive day and tick things of my to-do-list, that’s OK. It isn’t a punishable offence and I will get that thing done, whatever it is. I’m ambitious but realistic…mostly.

Along with being Mother to DinoBoy I have a working fine art practice, I create for me and some times I share it with an audience. Being Mother to the complex creature that is DinoBoy I need a way to start making money in a positive way, doing some thing I enjoy and is visible to him. Finally having chosen a topic to engage with, I’ve posted work on The First batch od MerDino’s are on my Etsy shop. As soon as I had posted on other social media that I was starting I got an invaluable link from some one who has done it. This kind of nurturing is what makes the internet good, knowing her work more than her, was a great boost.

An online shop has been on my to do list for about 5 years. Always managing to over engineer an idea, to talk myself out of doing it. The reason is a deep felt void in worth and a capability to self-sabotage to with in an inch of my life. I was comfortable in feeling things were to difficult to do because I was scared of failing. I have learnt to lean into discomfort and learn form almost wins. To fail is the best way to learn, if you trust yourself and own your mistakes. I was always put off by my shift or duel practice, I have the ability to draw characters and be twee. When I make for me, to understand the world, it’s dark and often unpalatable to many. This isn’t a problem, it’s healthy and just needs managing. So that’s what the shop does.

MerDino’s are my latest obsession, I love drawing dinosaurs. Living our pre-pubescent years in the north by the sea, my sister  and I would escape into our VHS for hours, Disney  The Little Mermaid but also the much darker 1979 anime version. Turtle drew mermaids with hair longer than that in Rapunzel and over exaggerated that fleshy rim where the human flesh became a fishy tale.  Merpeople are mischievous, rebellious and perplexing. There is so much room for attitude and play. I want to use the human element of these figures to explore diversity, inclusion and empowerment of all kinds of bodies.

I do mean ALL types of human torsos. 


THANKs to Jemma Watts, check her workout too at urbanmacy






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