Getting away with it.

I’m not pretending, honest, I am an artist. If you asked my son a 2 years ago what I did he would say, very matter of fact. My Mum is an artist. Every time I heard it I felt like a fraud, a little part of me would think and often say, I’m not quite an artist. Yes I was a creative person and yes I have a wealth of NUA Art school knowledge. I was wasting it. Lost and drowning in hidden self pity and the weight of an almost win.  Feeling guilty and lacking in real self confidence and authority, it was a down hill race to nowhere and I was in the lead. Psssht, that was then.

This week I went to a few exhibitions, one was Nicholas Denny and Daniel Brown at Studio20. A well curated exhibition showcasing parallel works from each artist. One left, one right or the exhibition space, a fluid conversation. The subject and style of paintings gave the audience much to consider in terms of identity, self and the human condition. As well as the differing technical skills and strength of each artists work.

In August I will be exhibiting alongside Mr Denny, as we have been invited to exhibit our work with various other artists from around Europe in Asylum 16 . It has been so long since considering work in a public space, framing, light, spacial relationships between works and what the hell am I saying? No really, once where I would look at my work I’d draw a blank, (painful memories of hideous group critiques) looking for to the audience for answers.

Having never exhibited paintings, this one is a little bit of the unknown. It is part instillation too, which  know quite well, obnoxiously taking up space. I had some reservations about exhibiting paintings, leaning more to drawings because I feel more confident in that. That would be too safe though, what can be learnt from that? not much.

I’m an artist and I’m getting away with it.

Feature Image. Bikini Season #2, pen on paper 2016






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