Don’t Forget You Have Wings.

If I really did have wings I would have crashed and burned a few years ago, if they hadn’t been clipped. I would like to never forget I have wings, not to fly away, but to keep going and keep trying. If you have wings, some times you stumble, some times you break your neck on a beautifully clean window, but you have the ability to soar;  to see the world from your own unique perspective and make the most of it. Chose not to let the limitations of others determine your progress.

When I first started this blog it was mostly ideas, small drawings, I hoped to be an illustrator, to be given tasks and make a living from my skill. I didn’t know how to do this, where to even start or even, if I could. At this time I still feared the things I made, they spoke to people in a way that I hadn’t given it permission to do. How VERY dare it! Currently I have a separate creative practice, tucked in a studio where I know what it’s doing and I know what it’s saying, informed and unapologetic. I’m going to let it out soon at  Asylum Exhibition. Scary and exciting.

I did become an illustrator, I have some work published in the loverly Caboodle Magazine and and online at the hopefully not defunked Great Y Comics. (debating the freelance jump, as all artist roles have been put on hold at this company until further notice) It was incredibly refreshing, to feel proud, with only a hint of over critical, creative regret.

Everything is Scary. I have to try though. I think I can do this and that’s most of the battle. If I regret it, so what at least I tried, which means lessons have been learnt along the way. Today lunch was accompanied by Kathryn Schulz , Don’t regret regret. Defiantly worth a look if you have overwhelming guilt or regret and if you stop your self trying, learning, living in case you are judged or you don’t win. A nearly win is just as valuable. Ruffle your feathers, get up and have a look. Even if the height and scale of it makes  cod fish in your gut do somersaults.




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