Don’t Forget You Have Wings.

If I really did have wings I would have crashed and burned a few years ago, if they hadn’t been clipped. I would like to never forget I have wings, not to fly away, but to keep going and keep trying. If you have wings, some times you stumble, some times you break your neck on a beautifully clean window, but you have the ability to soar;  to see the world from your own unique perspective and make the most of it. Chose not to let the limitations of others determine your progress.

When I first started this blog it was mostly ideas, small drawings, I hoped to be an illustrator, to be given tasks and make a living from my skill. I didn’t know how to do this, where to even start or even, if I could. At this time I still feared the things I made, they spoke to people in a way that I hadn’t given it permission to do. How VERY dare it! Currently I have a separate creative practice, tucked in a studio where I know what it’s doing and I know what it’s saying, informed and unapologetic. I’m going to let it out soon at  Asylum Exhibition. Scary and exciting.

I did become an illustrator, I have some work published in the loverly Caboodle Magazine and and online at the hopefully not defunked Great Y Comics. (debating the freelance jump, as all artist roles have been put on hold at this company until further notice) It was incredibly refreshing, to feel proud, with only a hint of over critical, creative regret.

Everything is Scary. I have to try though. I think I can do this and that’s most of the battle. If I regret it, so what at least I tried, which means lessons have been learnt along the way. Today lunch was accompanied by Kathryn Schulz , Don’t regret regret. Defiantly worth a look if you have overwhelming guilt or regret and if you stop your self trying, learning, living in case you are judged or you don’t win. A nearly win is just as valuable. Ruffle your feathers, get up and have a look. Even if the height and scale of it makes  cod fish in your gut do somersaults.






  1. Katherine — I’m so glad you found me and that allows me to find you. I do believe we can support each other should you be so inclined, as I am. WOW. You can draw — and I really resonate with the way you write. I appreciate the whimsy and the wit. Nicely done. I read Don’t Forget You Have Wings and tried to sign up for your blog but I didn’t put my email anywhere, so I doubt I accomplished the purpose. I am a technological dinosaur.

    1. Hi Susan, thank you, that’s very kind. I’m not on here very often. I’m only just technical enough to float around on almost every social media platform without really knowing what I’m doing. (I’ve got the follow button on your blog 😊) nice to meet you.

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