Own It.

Signed a thing. Owned it. Progress, haven’t managed to remove page numbers from Manga Studio much frustration.

How do you deal with frustration? get angry, cry and quit! yeah. Weening away from this. Finding a voice and taking control is one way of dealing with it. Just say it, underline it, jumble it up and flatten it out. In other words go at it from a different angle or talk to some one who might be able to help.

One of the most powerful drives behind some of my own frustration is a fear of failure, ultimately fear of being judged. Judged by who though? People. It’s that simple. I am only just beginning to realise how much I have missed out on by not pushing myself into discomfort or unknown and through frustration. Leaning into a discomfort is a new and interesting skill to develop. To to hold your hand so close to wolf’s mouth, to then realise you were mistaken, it’s not a savage beast, it’s just a pup. It can be comforting. Having the Courage to hold your hand there in the first place is daunting, but not thoughtless.

There is always people that judge, but there is a choice in how to feel about that.Generally no fucks given works, because life is too short to argue with or educate “people”. People can be stupid. It’s your choice how that effects you. So I like to draw and paint and generally work stuff out, making my mistakes visible so that some one else might learn how to or how not to do some thing.

I am vague, the woman I chose to draw today is much vogue.





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