Just Being

I should have finished this drawing and signed it, I should have breakfast, I should do some exercise and I should feel OK about a visible learning. The only thing I want to do, out of these, is sign my work. To feel OK to do that next time, to give some thing enough praise to put my name on it.

There’s no such thing as a stupid question right? but having the stones to ask that question is half the battle. Having any kind of audience to anything you feel is a flaw sucks. It can be crippling to your insides, but it won’t kill you. Growing the confidence to be visible is exhausting, but you can’t unlearn what you gain this way.

I put my first comic together for Great Y Comics, I don’t like it. I love the idea and characters but the lack of technical smoothness makes me hellishly uneasy. It could be much better, the next one is going to be much better, visibly, because having learnt many technical skills it can’t not be.

That’s it, I could talk of confidence, pride, responsibility, sorrow, mistakes, learning, but I want a coffee and a bagel.




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