Run with your herd.

My herd is a rag-tag bunch of odd folk, they are the best folk for me. I am so many different things, I have so many different roles. Moving away from the things that cause unrest in my herd and within myself has lead to some beautiful discoveries. Learning who you are is a crazy experiment, if you have a chance, do it. The good, the bad and the scaly.

Learning to appreciate those around you, what they do for you, can show you that you are worth that effort by others. You might not feel that worth, but if you can lean into it, see what others see in you (the good bits) eventually you will see it. It makes it easier to see in them too. Saying thank you, just on its own, no self deprecation attached is a powerful thing. Do it enough and you might believe the compliment.

A herd, a pack, a team, a flock, a family, what ever you run with it’s fun to get to know, if you trust it, it will give you things you didn’t know you needed.



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