Sunday Funday, decided to do some thing different, took my pens down to The Owl Sanctuary, Norwich. A fantastic pub for the grubby, cool kids and dirty, metal heads of this fine city. Ace independent music venue, some very fuzzy memories, some ill educated rum fuelled antics have launched from this gritty, cave of loud.

I grabbed a coffee and took a seat near some faces I knew,  was welcomed warmly by those already getting their draw on, some pages had been started, I added a bit and passed it on. A lady rocked up with a suitcase full of NatGeo, lady bird books and a couple of copies of Enid Blyton’s Noddy. I opened one of those, remembering loving the colourful pages but hating the text.

Folding and tearing one leaf from the book, an act of vandalism I relished, glued down the images with the ideas of what would follow already forming. One page from that funky little book and the memories of my little brother loving the cartoon, was all I needed. Big Ears has chucked out the clutch of misfits, from what could be The Owl. the skittles spill out onto the street in true Brit style, some wonder off, perhaps to a nearby night club, others shit their pants and vomit, most stumble down the street towards. Noddy’s taxi rank. A lone skittle comes across a pretty disgruntled bear, what happens next? well that will be in a later blog, so keep your peepers peeled, when i get an email from the nice folks from ComixJam I’ll share.

The image inserted is unfinished. I’m looking forward to seeing the end product, along with the other contributions by the other ComixJam goers. There was talk of a Zine being made. Norwich has a nifty Zine Fair, DIY image and text delights!


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