This week has been an interesting one for drawing. Placing as much time and experiment into the more abstract line work, as figure and character development. Super hero, an every day hero, some one who can get out of bed and do stuff. Some times that is all a hero has to be. I have pledged to be my own hero, some times I am Vest & Pants Woman. I can get out of bed, do the handful of jobs I need to do and then have a bath.

Nearly nude figures are very engaging, cotton, silk, lace, mesh, a thin skin between utter nakedness and casual comfort. There is a subtle play of vulnerability in vest and pants, innocence and sexuality. I can be my most comfortable and productive in vest and pants. House work, research drawing, admin all made easier by just hanging out at home in my vest and pants. I’m developing a few characters who play with this no fucks given mentality, getting up and doing what they need to, being comfortable in who and what they are.

Ink on paper, ink and a brush are my favourite tools at the moment, I’m able to push particular characteristics of freedom, lose, fragility with a few minimal lines. I have become more honest with my drawing in the last year. Gaining ownership of my voice and intention is a very fun challenge. Increasing over lap is visible in my character and abstract work, down to the catalyst and motive being routed in the same place. Just have to keep making. Permanent maker.







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