Today I woke up early and thought of blogging. So got out of bed, put the kettle on and typed.
Not wanting to write anything for weeks because nothing is happening. Nothing tangible and business lead any way. I haven’t drawn seriously for far too long, sketched a few rounds of The 5 Second Animal Game* and doodling or embellishing when I’m on the phone.

It’s not that I have hit a wall, just have other life obligations that have taken the majority of my focus, headspace and time. I’m still thinking of business plans, have a few meetings set up and short terms goals to meet, but I haven’t found or made a studio, finalised a business plan or acquired the money to start up.

When I was finishing my MA, I happened to get into a new relationship and we decided to quit smoking. After a few weeks of tying to quit I started smoking again. I didn’t mind failing that, but failing the other two things would have been more difficult to cope with. I got my MA, the bloke in the new relationship is now my fiancé and we have been smug non-smokers for 5 and half months! Yeah!

This isn’t about my education, non-smoking triumph or the ability to bag a man it’s to remind me that when I focus on some thing I can get it done. So in a few months when the life event taking up most of my time, focus and passion is done and “out of the way” (a phrase used quite often recently) I will be triumphant in setting up my own creative business. It is better to do one task well, than several half arsed.

Years ago one of my girly friends told me when I was slightly in crisis that “You always land on your feet.” I seemed like a slightly backhanded compliment more than friendly comforting. She was right in a way. It is more the ability to know when to wing it, when to look like you know what your doing and knowing when to do your research and knuckle down.
I’m currently I a phase of winging it, and that’s okay.

* The 5 Second Animal Game, a game devised in our art school studio, maybe it was the NUS bar, you give your opponent 5 seconds to draw an animal of your choosing, then swap roles. There is no real winner, but the results are often hilarious.


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