No Son, Ink on paper past fueling my future.

No Son, Ink on paper past fueling my future.

That still powerful confrontation that occurs between parent and child. “No Son” it doesn’t even have to be vocalised.

Today has been both delightfully productive and hugely frustrating. I have made so many profiles to so many on-line facilitators of art print and products.

I should have done this and paid more attention at art school! I should have got in the habit of having an on line creative presence. I was too busy smoking fags, procrastinating, growing vegetables, welding or damming the print work shop for not being open, drinking coffee and looking busy until it re opened.

There were scores of people, staff and the peers to ask if it’s more effective to do it this way or that/ what size file is best for this kind of thing? what button am I not pressing? why won’t this work!? Now all I have is the vast offerings of the internet to guide me through my trial and error.

I have half ready profiles and accounts, but nothing is ready to use the magic of social media to launch my work into the world. Some are for drawings that can become prints deviantART/forevertoofar or products with prints on them, or society6/forevertoofar. Etsy, but that’s for when I have space to make and store products I have loving crafted.

Let’s be fair it’s only really been a week. Starting to see where I’m going. I have a stock of images, collected and scanned from old sketchbooks and the drawings I have done in the last 12 months. I scanned them all and filed them in order and that is what I will be sharing as on my blog over the next few months. Tweaking little bits, editing, disliking several items and leaving them behind.

My career is some where in this, some where between finding space, thinking of products, drawing and imagining, profiles and market research. This is where it’s going to start.


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