Seedling Systems Round-up

Seedling Systems Round-up

brown paper sketch book 2009

This is the final post of this series of images. Seedling systems, slightly Heath Robinson-esque collections of containers for watering and tubs for growing your own vegetables. Many of these objects and a few systems were made as part of the run up too final show final show…2009
On the left are two “systems” the top has a tank and a shower to water the collection of plants, held in oil barrels, crates and tyres. I was leaning towards the ideas of industrial waste and mending and making do. There was a thread of dystopia running through my work at the time, I had researched heavily in the UK WWII Dig for Victory and the current global food industry. I had a scene of dis-ease about many of my ideas. The feeling of surviving on the edge.

The objects on the right are temporary ideas, abandoned and re-appropriated objects that are inefficient vessels for viably growing your own food.

Though these are drawing from a previous practice, the simplicity and naivety are still current in my drawing practice today. I enjoy the askew angles and perspective and the frantic nature of some of the lines. There is great joy in the moment you scratch some thing out on paper and it manages to hold just the right amount of visual information to portray what you had intended.


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